Root Canal Treatment

Ouch! Is it an infection? Save your tooth with a root canal treatment.

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A root canal treatment treats the inside of a tooth due to infection. The pulp area of a tooth contains nerves, tissue, and blood vessels. The pulp plays a vital role during tooth development. However once the tooth has matured, it can survive without the pulp which is fortunate because the pulp can get infected. Inflammation and infection can occur due to severe tooth decay or injury. Tooth pain is a result of pulp inflammation, infection, or an abscess.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you may need root canal therapy:

-Overnight pain

-Tooth sensitivity

-Tooth discoloration

-Swelling, sinus tract, or pain near jaw bone and gum tissues

A thorough dental examination will confirm the diagnosis. Should you need root canal therapy, it is important to treat the tooth right away. Pain can become unbearable and tooth loss is a possibility. Root canal treatment is a simple procedure where the affected pulp is removed, the inner surface of the root is cleaned and filled. A permanent crown is placed to fully restore the tooth after the area heals.

Does a root canal hurt?

Most patients do not complain of discomfort thanks to modern techniques and anesthetics. Your comfort is important. So, we will find the best options to help you feel comfortable and relax. Take over-the-counter medicine for moderate pain relief. In all, pain is mild and tolerable for many patients.

Model that explains tooth parts for a root canal treatment due to infection. Chelsea MA.
How much is a root canal treatment?

The complexity determines the cost.  Most insurances cover the cost or at least a portion of it.

How should I care for my tooth after the procedure?

Do not chew or bite near the area until we have fully restored the tooth. Otherwise, fracture or damage is likely to occur.  Normal oral hygiene like teeth brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and dental cleanings is needed. Usually, a tooth that has undergone a root canal last as long as a natural tooth.

Will my tooth need another root canal in the future?

If you suffer new tooth injury, damage, or decay, you may need another procedure. Contact us if you experience changes in the tooth. Preserving your smile is our goal. Routine check-ups will allow us to examine your tooth for fracture. Call (617) 887-1400 or book an appointment online.